FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
quiet, with a very laid back yet playful disposition. My Ragdolls of all
ages are always willing to play. Ragdolls are known for their tolerant
attitudes with other animals and especially children and many will
allow themselves to be dressed in doll clothes and carried around by
youngsters with absolutely no resistance. Genuine Ragdolls are
often compared to dogs because of their friendliness and intelligence
and have even been taught to play fetch and are frequently called
puppy cats.

Genuine Ragdolls are very low maintenance Their silky coat requires
little routine grooming. While it is recommended it should be brushed
or combed once a week with a steel comb to remove dead hair from
their coats and separate any tangles, here where I live I find once a
month is plenty and their easy going disposition makes it no problem
to do and most enjoy it. During shedding season (if you have one)
watch for some tangles under the armpits.

Why would I want a kitten that comes from show excellent
quality lines if I am not planning to be showing it or breeding?

I personally do not show our kittens however I appreciate the
superior genetics of the show lines. Please understand you should
get a much better quality bred kitten genetically with a breeder who
has top quality lines in their five generation pedigree. A 15-20+ year
life span should be typical - not the exception.
Over the lifetime of
the kitten, the better quality is the better bargain.