Frequently Asked Questions
Do you give your kittens vaccines?

Not only are they given the state required vaccinations administered
by a licensed veterinarian, they receive completed signed health
certifications which includes multiple vaccines, fecal test, ear mite
screening, physical exam, and additionally includes multiple blood
tests that are not required by law yet. My kittens are also from
genetically tested parents.
It has recently come to my attention
there are some Florida TICA and CFA registered breeders that
are NOT vaccinating their kittens whatsoever! Not only does
this pose certain health risks to your feline and also to yourself,
it is illegal in the State of Florida not to have certain
Additionally some of these Florida registered
TICA and CFA breeders are not getting Florida State Health
Certificates which is also illegal.

Genuine Ragdolls are known for their tolerant attitudes with other
animals and especially children and many will allow themselves to be
dressed in doll clothes and carried around by youngsters with
absolutely no resistance. Genuine Ragdolls are often compared to
dogs because of their friendliness and intelligence and some of mine
have even been taught to play fetch and are frequently called puppy

Genuine Ragdolls are very low maintenance. Their silky coat requires
little routine grooming. While it is recommended they should be
brushed weekly, Genuine Ragdolls are very low maintenance as their
silky coat requires little care and their coats naturally separate most
tangles. Where I live I find little routine grooming is needed on my
part. Their easy going disposition makes it no problem. Combed once
a week with a steel comb to remove loose hair from their coats and
separate any tangles, and I find once a month is plenty. Plus their
easy going disposition makes it no problem to do and most enjoy it.
During shedding season (if you have one where you live) watch for
some tangles under the armpits.

Why do you keep calling them "Genuine Ragdolls"?

When I decided to breed them and went to find my male years ago I
encountered numerous scams to try to rip me off, and I was very
unhappy with the quality of what I found within a few hours of my
home in Florida.I drove four hours to a "Ragdoll Breeder" near Miami
who had advertised TICA and CFA registered parents and pedigreed.
When I got there she had no Ragdoll registration and no Ragdoll
pedigree to show for the parents for any of her Ragdoll cats or kittens
and - they just did not act or look right as they were all hiding! The
end result of the visit was she had a TICA Registered and Pedigreed
Siamese and a Persian she had bred and was calling them Ragdolls.
Neither of the parents had the disposition nor the temperament of my
Ragdoll girls. Forget about my belly rub test, I couldn't even get the
parents to come out from under the furniture! Long story short I flew
back to Delaware where my multiple Supreme Grand Champion line
females came from to get my first male.  Again, please be very careful
as this breed of feline has a lot of scammers who will sell them in the
under $300-1500 price range who will get your deposit stealing your
money, deliver nothing and disappear.
Get a vet reference!

Why would I want a kitten that comes from show excellent
quality lines if I am not planning to be showing it or breeding?

I personally do not show our cats however I appreciate the superior
genetics of many of the show lines. Please understand you should
get a much better quality bred kitten genetically with a breeder who
has top quality lines in their five generation pedigree. A 15-20+ year
life span should be typical - not the exception.

Over the lifetime of the kitten, the better quality is the better