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Ragdoll Kittens For Sale
25 Miles South Of Disney World
Haines City FL 33844
United States
ph: 610-235-644six
alt: 610-235-770zero
e-mail: divineragdolls@yahoo.com
Available Kittens Born Febuary 9th
May go home now or later if needed or desired
Patterns and colors will continue to develop as they mature.
Four Mitted Blue/Lilac Kittens Born
Eyes Will Become Bright Blue As They Mature  
$2995 for a Pet Home $3495 for First Pick of the Litter Tyler
This litter has four kittens. Sexing, color and pattern is my best efforts of an educated
guess with decades of research and development of the breed and breeding.
Genuine Ragdoll kittens are all born a white/cream color and with blue eyes that
brighten as they get older. Colors and patterns develop as time goes by and with true
ragdolls the blue eyes remain. You basically know what pattern you have at three-four
weeks old but color develops for about two-four years. At four weeks old picking is first
pick male or first pick female, second deposit gets second pick male or female and so
on. After they are four weeks old they actually look like kittens and have patterns and
colors better developed and that is why picking is done then. After picking is done then
we have who is left available individually. If you would like more information and see
more photos or if you would like to come see other available kittens in person and
secure one with a divineragdolls@yahoo.com however
for quickest response please text message me 610-235-644six              

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Tyler Blue Lilac Male Mitted AVAILABLE
Rufus Blue Lilac Male Mitted ADOPTED
Bode Blue Lilac Male Mitted AVAILABLE